Stories of British Migration

Stories of British Migration

Calling all Ten Pound Poms, Nest Eggs and British migrants!

Here at the Immigration Museum in Melbourne we are busy making a new exhibition about the stories and impacts of British migration to Australia from 1947 – 1982. Many of these migrants were given generous assistance by the Australian and British Governments and would become known as Ten Pound Poms.

To understand more about the huge range of personal experiences, we are looking for people who have a direct or indirect family connection to post-war British migration. If this is you we would love you to tell us your story.

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What can you expect if you sign up and share a story?

If you decide to share your story we have some questions to help you along the way. You can write as much or as little as you like, share photos with us and tell us about the objects that are connected to your story.

You don’t have to finish your story in one go – once you have started a story you can return to the website and continue adding to it.

What will happen to my story once I submit it?

Your story will go into a queue for review by museum staff. Our curatorial and exhibitions staff will be looking out for stories that will become part of the exhibition. This may mean that a direct quote is taken from a story contributed, the whole story may be used or the contributor may be contacted for further information. There is no guarantee that a story contributed will be used in the exhibition or online.

How will this help the Immigration Museum to develop the exhibition?

Your story will help us to understand the varied experiences of British migrants to Australia.

What are we looking for in stories?

We are seeking personal accounts of the experiences of migrants and their families. We want to hear about the process of migration, the decisions that were made and the emotions that were felt. Share with us how you felt and what the consequences of the migration experience were.

We are also interested in the little details, the quirky stories, and the treasured objects that were part of your migration story.

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This project has been assisted by the Australian Government's Visions of Australia program